HEAT Outdoor Living Dokka

With the spacious wood storage Dokka from HEAT you always have enough firewood at hand. The open storage provides enough dry wood to light the fire pit or barbecue directly. Easy to assemble and can be placed anywhere in the garden or on the terrace. The rusty orange color gives the wood storage a cool appearance, so that the wood storage certainly fits in the natural picture of the garden. With a width and height of 80 cm, the wood storage is very spacious and a few bags of firewood can be stored in it. Due to the flat top, the wood storage can certainly be used multifunctionally as an outdoor sideboard. This wood storage completes the decoration in the garden.


Material: steel
Dimensions:  W 80 x D 40 x H 80 cm

HEAT Dokka WS.001

The HEAT Dokka wood storage in short:

– Spacious wood storage 80×80 cm
– Functional and decorative
– Easy to assemble and move
– Tough addition in every garden
– Always enough firewood at hand