HEAT Outdoor Living Base plate round

Extra protection against ash and sparks from the fire pit. With the HEAT bottom plate round, the fire pit has extra stability and the surface is better protected. In addition, any fallen ash is easy to clean up. The round bottom plate is easy to place under any fire pit or fire bowl with a foot smaller than Ø 50 cm. For example, the round bottom plate is perfect for, for example, the Mandal fire pit, but other fire pits can of course also be placed on the bottom plate. The Bottom Plate is therefore a nice and safe extra for firing in an open fire pit.


Material: steel
Dimensions:  Ø  50 x H 2 cm

HEAT Base plate round BP.050R

The HEAT Base plate round in short:

– Round bottom plate
– Protects ground from ash from fire pit
– Perfect for under a fire pit or fire bowl
– Ø 50 cm
– Suitable for various HEAT fire pits and fire bowls