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Fire bowls

We offer timeless fire bowls that are a real addition to your garden.

Fire pits

We offer trendy fire pits that have timeless designs and are easy to use.

HEAT Drum pot

Cooking products

We offer cooking products where you can combine atmosphere with a delicious meal.


HEAT bottom plate

Dokka Wood storage Rusty

With this wood storage, you can easily store your firewood and also have a great decoration in your outdoor space.

HEAT Turret grill

Turret Grill for Bakka

This grill is specially designed as an extra accessory to the HEAT Bakka barbecue.

HEAT Swedish Torch holder

Swedish torch holder

The Swedish torch holder is especially made to safely hold a swedish torch.

HEAT bottom plate

Round bottom plate Ø 50 cm

Convenient ash collector for use with a round fire basket. The ashtray ensures a clean and ashfree soil under the fire basket.

Square bottom plate

Square bottom plate 50x50 cm

Convenient square ash collector for use under a fire pit. The ashtray ensures a clean and ashfree soil under the fireplace.

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